Why Should Every Senior Citizen Get aha in 2021?

Posted by Jonathan

2020 has been a rough patch for us, but it is necessary to know that this crisis has not yet been over. But now we are in a better situation. But that does not mean that now we are out of danger. Thanks to our scientists and other government officials that we can get our elders vaccinated. Even after the vaccine, we need to take care of all the precautions like wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands, and most importantly, going out when necessary. This has been said that it will be harder for our elders to figure out a way how they can have a good time without going out. A simple answer to this question is ‘Aha app’ this app has some refined Telugu content worth a watch. This app also provides features such as download movies online to watch anytime you want. It costs almost nothing for the quality of the content it is offering. Here are some of the movie recommendations for every senior citizen.

Super over (crime-thriller)

This movie ‘super over’ is for everyone who loves crime thrillers; the plot is about three friends Kassi, Vasu, and Madhu being friends since childhood, and they have beautiful bonds and chemistry together. While growing up, they develop their friendship to further details. They grow to be financially independent. However, no amount of money is enough to satisfy one’s needs and greed. Therefore, Madhu invests in cricket batting, and miraculously till the end of the league, he wins a large lump of money. Seeing this, his friends Kassi and Vasu also get involved in betting. However, the actual plot twist starts when they get into serious trouble through a bookie.

Luca alias Johnny

Luca Alias Johnny is a romantic thriller story, which has many twists and turns. The story is about Luca and Niharika; both are artists and masters of their fields. They soon fall in love with each other and start living together. But they have childhood traumas that resist them to be together forever. However, at a point in the movie, when there was a murder. The police inspector finds a diary of Niharika, which was written for Luca. The movie gets more interesting throughout and is worth a watch.


Yet another classy story with a nice and sweet ending is a perfect film to lighten your mood. Sampath is a radio jockey who wants to become an actor someday. But it was all ‘a nine days wonder’ then a fatal accident occurred which changed the life of Sampath forever. He loses his wife and his voice in the accident and is left hopeless with his son (Suri). Suri is a trucker and has a respiratory problem. Suri falls in love with the daughter of the village head and promises her father to settle his life. Suri gets in trouble with the money and with the fact that his father (Sampath) has betrayed him somehow.

So, now you have the movies, and also you know the source. You can now download the app where you can not only download but you can stream best telugu movies online.

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