What Kind of Surfaces Are Laminate Floors?

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Laminate flooring was unheard of before the middle of the 1970s, but it is now a standard feature in millions of houses. Laminate floors, which were formerly put primarily as economical flooring, continue to keep their position as an affordable and practical option. Know more about laminate flooring in Oakland, CA.

However, laminate flooring has also made its way into more upscale houses, which traditionally would have only placed engineered or solid hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring looks better, performs better, and feels better underfoot, thanks to technological advancements like deeper embossing and crisper image layers. Materials Used for Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is commonly referred to as laminate wood flooring; however, the only aspects of these floors that resemble wood are the base material and the look.

To begin, the foundation of the laminate floor is made up of pressed wood particles that have been chipped. Second, the top seems like it is made of genuine wood, thanks to an accurate image layer. This layer is a well-rendered picture of wood enclosed in a transparent, hard-wearing wear layer.

luxury vinyl flooringWear Protection Laminate

The top layer of a laminate floor consists of two fragile sheets of paper treated with melamine. This topmost surface layer is a solid transparent plastic sheet immune to typical materials that might cause damage, such as pets, chairs, high heels, and other everyday items.

Laminated image Layer

Laminate flooring may have a convincing appearance even when seen nearby. This is because behind the wear layer of the laminate lies an image of actual wood that has been rendered in photographic quality.

Base Layer Made of Laminate (Core)

About half an inch of wood-chip composite may be found hidden behind the photos of the wood grain. Any product made of wood chips is naturally subject to harm from contact with water. Dimensionally stable is a term that may be used as the basis of laminate flooring, but only to a limited extent. The only way for laminate flooring to resist water is if the water is rapidly removed once it has been exposed to it.

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