What Is A Bail Bond & How Do They Work?

What Is A Bail Bond & How Do They Work?
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Bail bonds are securities that can be sold in a criminal or civil court. The person selling the bail bond is to make money back if the individual on trial makes bail, and pay damages if they do not. Bonds typically range from $1,000 to $50,000 and this money is used by the courts to provide money for individuals who cannot afford a private defense attorney.

Who Are Bail Bondsmen?

Bail bondsmen are individuals who work for a bail bond company and will charge 15% for their service. Many states require a person to hire a private bail bond agent pa in order to get out of jail before trial. This process is free of charge, but the agent will take 15% of the bail amount as payment (which means if you had $10,000 set as bail, they would charge $1,500 and give it to the courts).

What Is A Cash Bond?

A cash bond refers to an agreement that is made between an individual who needs out of jail temporarily and the court regarding a set amount of money. This money is put into the court to ensure the individual is able to pay a private attorney.

What Is A Deposition Bond?

A deposition bond differs from an indigent bond in that a party can be forced to appear at a deposition regardless of whether they have been charged with a crime, simply because they have not posted bail on another case.

What Is An Indigent Bond?

An indigent bondsman will post bail for an individual who qualifies under the state’s guidelines to not be jailed while awaiting trial. The court will require an indigent bond but it typically works differently than regular bonds that are offered by private firms.

Should You Post A Cash Bond?

The decision to post a cash bond should not be made quickly. You should always think about how this may affect you in the long term before making a decision. If you claim bankruptcy, for example, your creditor may come after the money you put up as collateral for bail if they find out you used other assets to secure the bond rather than selling them to pay it off.

What Is A Jail Sentence Reduction?

A jail sentence reduction is typically offered by a private bail agent when individuals are arrested but have no record of being associated with crime. This is done in order to attract new clients who can benefit from paying for their release.

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