What Everyone Must Know About Overseas Company Registration Singapore?

overseas company registration singapore
Posted by Jonathan

Any foreign company can mainly register in Singapore. They can mainly register as a subsidiary company, a representative office, or a branch office. Some of the important facts about the overseas company registration singapore have been discussed in this article.

Different forms of the businesses that can be settled in Singapore


Below are some of the different forms of companies that can be settled in Singapore:

  1. It is mainly beneficial to establish a subsidiary company for foreign corporations. A subsidiary company is mainly a form of limited liability company. The parent company can mainly have 100% of its shares. The subsidiary company is an entirely different entity from its parent company.
  2. Most of the foregin investors mainly prefer to register the branch office in Singapore. The branch office is mainly a legal entity after the registration. This is mainly an extension of their parent company. The parent company is mainly responsible for all the debts as well as liabilities mainly incurred by their branch office.
  3. A foreign company can mainly set up a representative office in Singapore. The purpose of this is to research the business potential of the Singaporean marketplace. This mainly conducts feasibility studies. The representative office mainly does not have a legal identity that is mainly separate from the foreign parent company. The said company must also appoint up to 5 employees.

These are some of the important facts to know about setup company in singapore.

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