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1.    Introduction

Nowadays child support Is  becoming a major problem, whenever the parents are being separated and applying for divorce. The child should be financially benefited from parents and also child maintenance is a major problem for the parents who are getting separated. In child support there is an option made by the parents where their child gets periodic payments and guardian or caregiver who are taking care of their children uses the money of child in correct manner . There is  a policy where they make payments at the end of their marriage or any other relationship. Child maintenance is paid directly by the parents to the caretaker who are taking care of their child. Depending on that Jurisdiction where custodial parent pay for child support do an non custodial parent. The child support lawyer will tell you how much to pay based on the court judgment and he is friendly in nature

2.    Looking for good lawyer for advice of child support

  • The amount of financial support the children gets depends on various factors one among those is parents salary slips and rents , after observing all parent salary slips and also other sources of income like rents, income tax deduction etc. the child will get 20% from their parents and 5% is increased if any additional activities are performed
  • Once The Child Support lawyer makes a chains about agreement the parents has two stick onto the agreement and Pay periodically without neglecting,
  • If any issues arise is while collecting money for child support the lawyer can help you, the host and child support lawyer will help you in collecting money which verse entitled behalf of the child is collected in any way
  • If the parents pay periodically , first child support periodically they can make it good friendly environment with child  lawyer
  • main goal of child support attorney is not to punish parents. You can visit the child whenever you want but has to take permission before that, But parents has to contribute equally of their financial for the needs of their child

·         That child support or guardianship also comes under family law, family law not only concerns on divorce but also concerns on child guardianship because government has laid strict norms that child should not be left on the street, he should be educated in a proper manner and parents should provide financial support periodically till he matures two there caregivers

3.    Conclusion

A.      whenever if parents are applying for separation or divorce their child should be financially supported, in such cases one should visit child support lawyer near you where they will let you know how much each  parents has to pay for there children  Either by following court judgement or consulting child support attorney who will take care of their child by providing good food ,children education and if he is interested in other activities they have to pay extra. .

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