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bed bug control.
Posted by Jonathan

Bedbugs are tiny insects that live on mattresses or sheets of the bed. Their existence is very harmful, particularly to humans, as they feed on human blood and are carriers of many infections. You might have noticed that the mattresses that are not cleaned or lie unused for quite some time cause skin irritation, and you feel a biting sensation. This bite is of none other than the bed bug. Here at BioCycle, we work to control the pest attack, thus ensuring a sound good night’s sleep.

How do these bugs find you?

Bedbugs come in human contact due to body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide; they feed on human blood to develop their young ones. They are primarily attracted to the shoulders and arms. Getting done with their infestation is not easy as they have numerous reproductive cycles. Therefore, our pest control experts take about 3-4 hours to give you pest-free bedding.

Where do you find them?

Bedbugs are nocturnal, i.e., they are active at night time. During the day, they hide on the edges of the bed, in between loose sheets in cracks of wooden floors, cupboards, or underneath carpets, foot mats, or in torn mattress openings. To be precise, they might be found everywhere if they exist in your house.

How do we clean them?

These bugs are very clever; they select those areas to hide that are not easy to reach. Therefore, our experts identify the key areas of infestation and, upon survey, inject pesticides and biocides in the cracks and crevices for bed bug control. The identified area is steamed and sterilized, and in the end, vacuuming is done to catch the bedbugs and get rid of them.

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