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Nowadays, it is quite common to have a sexual relationship with more than one partner. Because of this, one needs to have adequate protection to prevent unprotected sex. Body and health can be affected negatively by unprotected sex. When you have sexual relations, you should definitely use a condom to prevent STDs. If you want to use a condom for this purpose, you need to purchase one that is the right size so that it works properly. When the condom is too big or too small, you might run into a lot of problems. Read on to learn condom size chart how to choose the right condom for you.

These days, it’s impossible to deny the importance of condoms. They are simply necessary. You must use a condom to avoid unprotected sex and protect yourself against STDs. The effects of STDs on your body can be really negative, so you should do anything to avoid them without affecting the sex. You may even consider discussing the advantages of safe sex with your partner. Both of you can attend a counseling session to learn more about protected sex if you wish. This will be of great benefit to you both. You should follow the following key instructions and steps in order to buy condoms that are the right size.

condom size for you


  • First, decide which size of condom suits you. This may require some guesswork on your part. Before you go shopping, you can even measure the size of your erect penis if you wish.
  • If you are out shopping, read through the back of the condom’s packet carefully. The measurements will inform you about the condom’s size. To prevent slipping, buy the condom should be properly fitted.
  • You should purchase a variety of condoms in different sizes. To find the right size for yourself, you can try them one by one.
  • It is important to check the length of your condom carefully once you have put it on. You’ll be able to determine the size that is most suitable for you by doing this.
  • Ensure that it covers your penis and is not too tight on the skin of your shaft. Only after you are sure the fit is perfect should you decide the size.
  • After choosing a size, ensure that it isn’t too tight. Try unrolling it to see if it works smoothly. In case of discomfort, you can take it out and try another brand. It’s important for you to spend some time finding the perfect condom size chart for yourself.

Hope, these instructions will help you find the right size condom and will allow you to have a pleasurable and protected sex.

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