Factors Considered While Manufacturing New Magic Eraser Mop

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Posted by Jonathan

Manufacturing a perfect mop is not so easy, considering the varied choices and differing convenience of people. The brands like Magic Eraser Mop are newly developed, given the demanding changes to make the work easy and effortless. 

What Are Essential Factors?

Some of the factors that are considered while designing are:

  1. Handle’s Type: The handles are made of steel or plastic fibre. The latter is lightweight but tends to break as compared to steel easily. The steel ones are clean and durable yet sharp at edges and heavy at times. The pivotal handles were the most demanded to reach difficult nooks and corners. Steel ones have less possibility in the flexible designs, but the segmented fibre ones have a clip system to adjust the length and provide flexibility in all directions.
  2. Mop Heads: The main aim is complete absorption and getting dry quickly. Sometimes scrubs and mops are made of nylon or synthetic material that are harsh on stains but fail in other respects. Instead, the cotton mop heads are the best as they can retain up to four times the water and easily erase the stains.
  3. Fixing: The earlier models of the mops weren’t adjustable and fixing. They were single piece with solid handle and mop brush in a fixed direction. But the new models like that of magic eraser mop have separate pieces to be fixed. Easy clip system helps join and separate quickly, helping in easy washing and storage. The varied length handles also help use it in various places like cleaning washbasins or tubs.

Easy to use, wash, and store, the mops aims for better cleaning and feasible usage. They are a step more than the old school designs, also available in colours and designs.

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