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Do’s and don’ts for installing the top laminate flooring hong kong has

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Posted by Jonathan

Laminate flooring is a trending one in the market. People love it for the appearance and advantages it offers. However, one needs to do their homework and research the material to take better care. Every floor type has specific needs and a few things that can damage it. Knowing and following these prolong the lifetime and make it worth the money. So, here are the dos and don’ts for the best laminate flooring hong kong.

  1. Do regular cleaning

Many people love laminate flooring because it is easy to maintain. However, it needs regular cleaning nonetheless. The best way to clean is to dry mop or use a vacuum cleaner.

     2. Do remember the felt pads

Dragging furniture or the heavy items sitting on the laminate floor can lead to long-term damage. Dragging heavy items can cause ugly scratches. So, using felt pads under the heavy items and lifting them instead of dragging them will avoid these issues.

     3. Do make the most out of it

Laminate floors are ideal for simply lounging or using a lot of rugs and carpets. So, one can work, study, eat, play, watch movies, and do much more. The key is to make the most out of the flooring.

    4. Don’t use water

Laminate flooring gets damaged by water. So, one should not clean using water. Sweeping away all the spills right away is also the key.

    5. Don’t leave dirt or food stains

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain but needs special attention. One should clean all the stains straight away and clean regularly.

Lastly, one should get their floor installed from the top wood flooring company hong kong has for the best results.

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