Buy A Herb Grinder And Grind Your Own Herb Grinder

Herb Grinder
Posted by Jonathan

To those that grind their own herbs for water pipe, hand pipe or desktop, there are a variety of herb grinders on the market and some have pros and cons. As we found out over time with our first grinder purchase, not all grinders are created equal. We recommend you buy an herb grinder so your smoke (vapor) is as fresh as possible.


An inexpensive grinder will cost you between $20 and $30 dollars. We recommend that you purchase a higher quality grinder with a doser as they will cost more between $50 and $100.

You will pay more for quality, but it is worth it.

If your goal is to just purchase an herb grinder for your Water Pipe, Hand Pipe, or Desktop Vaporizer, then buy the cheapest one that you can find.

If your goal is to grind herbs for a vaporizer, then we recommend that you buy at least a mid-range grinder between $50 and $100.

Type of Grinder

Go with a grinder that has a piezoelectric or ceramic bowl, as this will grind your herbs perfectly every time.

Grind Size or Dose Control

You will be able to control the size of the herb you add to your vape by choosing an adjustable grinder with at least two settings: fine and coarse.

Herb Grinder

Purchasing a Grinder

There are a lot of different types of grinding devices, but they all have the same purpose: To grind herbs into finer particles and able to fill your vape with amazing flavor.

If you want to buy an herb grinder and grind your own herbs, then here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

Choose Plastic or Ceramic Grinder

Grinders made from plastic are cheaper but can break and may not be as durable as ceramic. If you will be grinding for a long period of time, get something that is made from ceramic to ensure longevity.

You will also have a choice of grinders that is 2 piece or 4 piece. This refers to the number of pieces that are separated from each other. We recommend that you buy a 4-piece grinder as they will last longer and fit together better than the 2-piece grinders.

Hand Grinders or Electric Grinders

If you are planning on grinding for only a short period of time, then an electric grinder is for you. If, on the other hand, you will be grinding for long periods of time, then consider buying a hand grinder. This will enable you to control how fine your herb is ground as there are many different settings on most hand grinders to get it just right.

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